About Us

The Origin Story

Sellagadget.com is the effort of three close friends who'd been in the electronics and sales industry since 2010. By chance, they all became co-workers; employees of a now long since defunct e-commerce company.

That company struggled, and as time passed, the trio had more and more conversations...mostly over pizza. What practices were bringing down the business? Why was management failing? How could things be more efficient? They reached a conclusion. "We could do this better."

In 2017 they set out to do just that.

With years of experience under their belts, they created Sellagadget.com, promising each other they would do things the right way. Right by each other, their customers, and their employees. How do they manage this promise? They stick to the code.

Our Code

It's pretty simple.

  1. Incentivize people to sell their used, old, or broken devices for fair prices
  2. Give these devices a second life either through resale, parting, or recycling
  3. Create a thriving work environment for our employees from all walks of life
  4. Use our profits to enrich our community and causes we believe in