Choosing Between A Laptop & A Desktop: Which One Should You Buy For Your Home?

While laptops are undeniably more widely common in households than desktops, the latter still have the edge over their competition in certain aspects.

10 years ago, an article published in The Guardian discussed the growing importance of laptops, in comparison to desktops. A decade later, while laptops are undeniably more widely common in households than desktops, the latter still have the edge over their competition in certain aspects.

So, which one should you consider buying for your home?

Buy A Laptop If:

1. You Want Portability

Do you want to be able to take all your documents, media files, and software with you even when you’re not home? If you regularly have to use a computer even outside of your home, then this is a no brainer. Buying a laptop will give you the freedom to take all your files with you wherever you go, instead of confining you to one room. In fact, laptops are a great option even if you simply want to be able to use your computer anywhere inside your home instead of just one space.

2. You Don’t Want To Take Up a Lot of Space

The small size of laptops doesn’t just make them portable, but also help you save space. Getting a desktop monitor with all its components requires you to devote a considerable amount of space to the device.

With laptops, this isn’t the case. They come with built-in trackpads, keyboards, and displays, and are thus self-contained. This makes them perfect to fit into even the smallest of rooms and areas. All you have to do is simply fold them up when you’re done using them and keep it back on your shelf, table, or laptop bag. Additionally, if you want to be able to use an external keyboard or mouse, you can easily plug these components through the USB ports on the device.

3. You Don’t Want To Be Dependent On Power

With laptops, you don’t have to be dependent on power. Since they come with batteries that can last for up to 6 hours depending on the brand, model, and make, you don’t have to rely on electricity to be able to use the devices. In case of power fluctuations or shortages, you can continue to use your laptop thanks to its battery.  

Buy A Desktop If:

1. You Want a More Powerful Processor

While laptops are a lot more convenient in various aspects, there’s no denying that desktops come with more powerful processors. Since they’re larger in size, they have room to accommodate more powerful components and processors than laptops. You can still buy laptops with advanced processors, but these are going to be heavy on the pocket.  


2. You Want the Ease of Upgrading

The best part about having a desktop is that you can easily upgrade the various components as the latest adjustments become available. This is because most of the desktop parts, components, and add-ons are removable unlike how it is on laptops. In fact, on some laptops, upgrading isn’t even an option apart from upgrading the hard drive or memory of the device. With desktops, you can keep up with the latest technology.

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